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It was I who gave reason to stop and pause
and then you gave words erasing the cause
You spoke those words that sounded so good
Giving assurances of love in the way you could

It was you who reminded of long ago
of how it would be if we could go
It was you that took us back to that place
In hopes that we could somehow replace.

It was you I looked upon with desire
As soon as I heard you inquire,
It was you who gave to me
those feelings and helped me to see.

It was you I wanted in the morning time
I followed you and looked for a sign
It was you I found in our place
And then, you allowed me the pleasure of taste.

It was you who shared what you could with me
And how much you gave so easily,
And I who gave back what I could for you,
With promise and hope of sincere value.

Elaine Garrett 1998

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