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As snowflakes settle gently to the ground,
and our children's screams of joy are all around,
Our thoughts, across the void of time do roam,
To memories of Christmases we spent with you at home.

We remember all the happiness you gave throughout the year,
But most of all the special love that brings the Christmas tear.
That tiny drop of liquid love which filled our hearts with joy,
As we tore off the wrapping from our brand new favorite toy.

And so it is that as we watch our children do the same,
That sibling love inside our hearts bursts once more into flame.
Then all at once we understand the joy you took from giving,
That tiny drop of liquid love all powerful and forgiving.

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by Richard J. Salisbury
for (Mum & Dad) -- Christmas 1996

1996  Richard J. Salisbury

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