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It was said to me not long ago
You spoke of riding a country road
It is I, who would like to go,
So please, upon me that joy bestow.

What other desire would be your pleasure?
Could we travel another winding road?
Will you give to me a memory to treasure?
To hold in my heart and keep forever?

What can I do to suggest to you
a direction to travel that feels overdue.
Will you hold my hand as we move along?
And will you sing with me a loverís song?

When doubts and fears threaten resigning,
Will you be the one to still the unrest?
When the moon is out and the stars are shining,
Could you be there to stop and protest?

Elaine Garrett ©1998

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This page developed Spring of 1998 and
Revised September 27, 2002

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