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He Comes To Me

I lie in the fringes of shadows,
Receding now into the night,
And shake off the last of my dreaming,
Embracing the dawning of light.

His presence glides in on the morning
In whispers that dance through the room.
His nakedness, black as the midnight,
Jeers teasingly back at the moon.

The essence of me fills the stillness,
Thus forging his breaths deep and fast.
The eagerness bulging within him
Breaks down his resistance at last.

With pleasure seducing his hormones,
Desire commanding his stride,
Delight with the sounds I am making
Explodes into waves deep inside.

His touch leaves me writhing and moaning,
Unable to stifle the flame.
I ride on the throbs of his passion,
Again and again and again.

2001 Ebony Brown
Reprinted With Permission


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