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I wish I could have been the one,
You wanted to see at night,
Wanted to kiss each morning,
And gave baths in candlelight,

These are just a few of the things,
I wish for every night.
I wish that we could stand outside,
And gaze up at the stars,
Looking at each point of light,
You telling me what they are.

I wish that I could sit with you,
At the edge of the lake at night,
Talking about life and everything,
And filled with pure delight.

I wish that we could go driving once more,
And you would hold me tight,
Your arms around me always made me,
Feel everything was all right.

I wish that you would hold me,
Just one more time at least,
So I could at least take my memories,
And quietly remember in peace.

I wish that you find happiness,
And joy and peace in your life,
But most of all I wish,

That it could have been you and me.

by Elaine Garrett

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