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To walk around, look and see
Is what our lives are here to be
To live a life of happiness
Weed through the evil and mess

To find a person so honest and true
To make us feel better when we are blue
The goal in life is very complex
We never know what will come up next

But with the strength of love we go
To find our Mate, and what we sow
To make a life so pleasant and sure
That will touch our heart's core

So on this day we find our task
There are many people, we will ask
Are you the one, who will steal my heart
The one I will love, and never part

I start this day, one step at a time
To search this world, for what is mine
To find my Match, that was meant to be
My true Love, is what will be


submitted by John Richardson June 15, 1998
1998 John Richardson
Reprinted by Permission

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This  Developed June 15, 1998
Revised October 2, 2002

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