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Times in silence when together speak
Loudly from your soul to me
I hear your breath life-giving air
Swept from without and pulled deeply inside
With each your breasts to rise and fall
Like the tropical shore moon driven tide.

I hear your gentleness so loud at night
So part of you it escapes to dance
Amid the beams from lunar glow
About the room with shadows flirt,
I hear the sound of deep desire.

With each slumbering sigh that you expire
It moves and envelopes all that it sees
And engulfs with passion as it breaths.
I hear your spirit soaring into the night
Communing and resting in God's delight
Compassion and feeling resurgence again
Refilled for tomorrow, refilled to live.
I hear you I hear you right next to me
Not a sound do you make nor do I perceive
Except in silence speaks volumes to me
Except in this silence your grace I see.

Author Unknown

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